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Vortex 4

Vortex 4

Vortex 4 is the new release from Ds Composites. After the Vortex 3 success, Ds Composites wanted to go one step forward in the dlg’s world.

The V4 is definitely a model that will impress you with its performance. We are testing and flying the model, as we always want to form our own personal opinions about our products and we can confirm that the plane’s performance is MEGA! As always, the glider’s quality is excellent, shiny and strong.

The VORTEX 4 is a completely new dlg:

◾️ New wing (new airfoils)

◾️ New fuselage

◾️ New tail

◾️ New T-peg

2 or 4 servo wing ?

Vortex 4 is available in two version, 2 servo wing or 4 servo wing:

  • A 2 servo wing provides a bit more simplicity in building and setting up as well as reduced weight for extremely light conditions.
  • A 4 servo wing provides better handling, higher efficiency when maneuvering and better control during landing. Overall, it is easier to fly clean and precise which translate to better climb rate for its weight. The 4 servo wing really shines in turbulent air and wind by climbing faster in the thermal.

Light, standard or strong?

The standard version is the best all-round layup, light enough for calm conditions and strong enough to carry ballast if needed. The light version will carry less ballast and come at a price of reduced durability. The strong version is the most robust and will take heavy ballast for the most extreme conditions.

2 servo wing:

  • Light – All Up Weight 210 gram, max ballasted weight – 300g
  • Standard – All Up Weight 225-230 gram, max ballasted weight – 350g
  • Strong – All Up Weight 245-250 gram, max ballasted weight – 400g

4 servo wing:

  • Light – All Up Weight app. 225 gram, max ballasted weight – 300g
  • Standard – All Up Weight app. 240-245 gram, max ballasted weight – 350g
  • Strong – All Up Weight 265-270 gram, max ballasted weight – 400g

What is in the KIT?

The kit is very complete. The wing comes with gap seal and aileron horns installed, just need to install the throwing peg according to your personal preference to complete the wing. Tails have plug in features for quick assembly. The fuselage comes with most of the automating system preinstalled and requires servo tray installation and gluing on the ruder for completion. Accessory kit includes, pre-cut horns for the tails, pre-bent springs, pull cables, launch peg and servo tray.

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